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Using Your Strengths

16 Jun 17
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You can’t be perfect in everything you do.
But you can be excellent. At least in something that you do.

Tackling great challenges demands effort that continues over time and in the face of setbacks. One strategy that helps is to work from your strengths.

We all have strengths. Some people will Find their Strengths. Others will explore the 24 Character Strengths. Others have found – or created – their strengths through other approaches. But whatever your strengths, could you use them better or more?

Here’s one easy approach:

  1. Identify your strengths. Maybe just one, or maybe a few. Not too many since the next steps are really important!
  2. Evaluate how you are doing right now. Ask yourself, How well am I using this strength? No need to think too hard about it, but just be honest with yourself, then…
  3. How much better could I be using this strength? What could you be doing differently to express and develop that strength? What might you consider doing or attempting?

For example, based on the VIA one of my top strengths is Creativity. Right now I haven’t been expressing that so much – I might rate it as 40% – and I know that I could be using that strength much more. Allowing time for me to express and demonstrate my creative tendencies will support that. And as I think about doing so, I feel really good.

So from there, the action plan is simple. It might not be easy, but at least it’ll be simple.

Simple approach.

Here is another, perhaps even easier strategy for you:

  1. Select a strength. For now, just choose one. A way of thinking, feeling and behaving that feels good, gives you energy and feel like it is who you are.
  2. Identify new ways to express that Strength.
  3. Express that Strength (use it!) in a new way for each day of the coming week.

That’s it! Yes, it is a very simple approach. Doing this takes just a few minutes – or even a few moments – and helps make things better. Just the way we like it!