While we pride ourselves on offering the best NLP training experiences around, we also offer customized, uniquely designed, and bespoke events applying NLP. Whether you are an leader in your company looking to get better performance from your team or a not-for-profit wanting to engage better with your stakeholders, we want to hear from you.

Some examples of the sort of projects that have been of interest to us include:

  • Designing a two-day leadership development event for senior leaders of a leading beverage company,
  • Creating a short, focused, high energy event during a retreat for a leading automotive manufacturer,
  • Building a three-day intensive for middle and senior management of a diversified conglomerate in central China,
  • Enhancing the skills of the training team of a corporate training organisation operating across Asia,
  • Specific experiences and events for entrepreneurs, trailing spouses and senior executives.

If your feel that our approach resonates with what you’re looking for, get in touch with us directly:

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