Coaching can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

You probably already knew that. In fact, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how I might be able to help you, a bit about my approach, and the sort of outcomes you might expect through working one-on-one with me.

I’m Daniel Smith – you can read about my profile here.

I’ve been coaching people formally and informally throughout my adult life. In recent years, I’ve worked with hedge fund managers and high school students, MNC executives and partners of expatriate workers, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs, from pretty much every background.

My first degree was in psychology so my early style took advantage of these and other more formal approaches. From 1998-2005, I was heavily influenced by Anthony Robbins’ high-impact, fast results style. Since 2008, I have focused increasingly on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, especially Dr John Grinder’s New Code of NLP. Here are a few of the characteristics of my approach (at least as I see them):

  1. Results-focused. With such diverse experiences and training, I can move between and across styles to adapt to your needs. With some clients, we’ll work largely through language and metaphors. With another client, we’ll use physical activities, tasks and games. With other clients, we’ll work more obviously directly on the issue itself. Sometimes the focus will be on achieving a particular external result, using the “science of achievement”; sometimes the focus will be more on the “art of fulfillment”. Sometimes you may not even understand what I’m doing initially, though there is always method in my madness.
  2. Process-oriented and Content-free. I’m not going to tell you what to do; Rather I will help you generate alternatives and decide what you want to do for yourself. My focus will be on the process of guiding your thinking rather than telling you what to do or to think. As discretion is very important to most of my clients, some of the work we do together does not even involve me knowing the content of on which they are working for a process.
  3. Generative. My outcome for you is that you will be stronger, more resilient, enjoy more freedom and a greater sense of well-being, long after our work together has finished. Indeed, you will likely find that by continuing the practices and exercises that we explore together, you will enjoy even further enhancements into the future.
  4. Short-term. I prefer to work with my clients for a short, focused period. Whether it’s five sessions over one-week, a half-day each week for a month, or once a month for six-months, we will want to identify the specific outcomes you have from working together and directly get that result.
  5. Leveraging your unconscious. Much of my work will be focused on aligning your conscious and unconscious, taking advantage of your intuitions, inner wisdom and the signals that can be so subtle as to be missed. With an aligned conscious and unconscious, you will enjoy less tension and stress, greater ease and a sense of ‘effortlessness’, and more direct access to what you really want rather than pursuing impotent distractions, ‘red herrings’ and just ‘spinning your wheels’.

Some of my past clients have wanted outcomes including:

  • Getting past a debilitating fear of public speaking,
  • Making higher quality decisions under extreme pressure and social dislocation,
  • Gaining greater clarity in the face of life-changing decisions,
  • Creating specific action plans and developing a new strategic directions for an existing organisation,
  • Resolving work stresses in the face of inner turmoil,
  • Deciding whether to pursue a career as a professional tennis player, or to change direction into the (previously) unknown – the result was that he became a successful entrepreneur and international speaker,
  • Putting a highly traumatic sexual assault in the past,
  • Moving past the pain of divorce and past relationships,
  • Finding a sense of identity after dramatic changes in personal and professional life, and
  • Committing whole-heartedly to a specific course of action.

This should give you an idea of the sort of scope that I can work with.

How does it work?

After leaving your details in the contact form below, I will contact you to arrange our first interaction. The objective for this interaction is to confirm that we want to work together and is usually realised in the first half hour. If we decide that we don’t want to work together, there will be no charge.

Upon deciding that we do want to work together, the first session can begin immediately or we can schedule that for a future time. Face-to-face sessions are typically half-a-day in duration. Detailed prices depend upon specific outcomes and the duration of coaching and will be discussed in advance. As a guide, the minimum engagement fee is 10,000RMB (net).

To get started, please leave your details below and we’ll be in touch.


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