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What a view! We were hiking over New Years

How are you enjoying the start of 2015?

23 Jan 15
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It’s three weeks into the start of the new year. I hope that you’re enjoying it so far!

Our New Years period was spent hiking in the mountains with our eldest son. While he’s adventurous, 9km of walking and scrambling across some scary rock faces were a big challenge for him. Yet it gave me a great opportunity to practise NLP!

Probably inspired by a book I read recently, I ended up focused on three main things:

  1. What’s your state?
    When we were climbing, when we were in a stuck state everything was harder. Our bodies were less flexible. We couldn’t reach as far. And the tension in our muscles made every step that much harder. When we relaxed, when we changed our focus, and when we used more constructive internal dialog, everything got easier. As you think about the coming year, what state do you want to be accessing? What physical and emotional condition do you want to have as your ‘normal’?
  2. What’s your strategy?
    Sometimes the technique we are using just doesn’t work very well. Some of the people with whom we were hiking had this amazing ankle flexibility that literally let them walk up walls! Not something that my ankles can do – when I tried, I just started sliding! Likewise, the organisers managed to choose to use dynamic ropes as safety lines rather than the static (non-stretchy) ropes that should be used: It’s not ‘bad’, it just doesn’t work! So as you think about the year ahead, what strategies are you using, or could you use, to get what you want?
  3. What’s your story?
    We all have a story. Sometimes it’s a comedy. Sometimes it’s a tragedy. Sometimes it’s filled with twists and turns. But your subconscious keeps track of who you see yourself as being and helps keep you behaving in a way that’s consistent with that story. That’s why it’s so challenging for people to make the big changes. For someone to lose weight – and keep it off – you need to not only find a great state and an effective strategy, but you also need to find a new story. To make more money or some other goal, and keep that change going, you not only need to get into an effective state and work towards your goal, but you also need to have a new story about who you are. That’s working on your inner game.

So I’m excited about the year ahead. Over the break, I was able to reconnect with what’s really important to me and feel a sense of purpose and meaning in my work with individuals and groups. That feels great, and is just what I need to start the year.

We are using some new strategies, like the China NLP School sessions we now have running on Monday and Thursday evenings and using an email service rather than running it all ourselves.

And I am working on a new story for myself. While I love being part of what many consider to be the best Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings in Asia, with our first NLP Trainer’s Training coming up in May-June, there are going to be a whole new group of outstanding NLP Trainers in China and across the region.

I hope that’s been interesting for you. And that you can take advantage of the strange opportunity to have a second “New Year’s” with Chinese New Years just a few weeks away.

We’ve got a bunch of great events coming up, ranging from our weekly NLP School sessions on Monday and Thursday nights, to our 30th NLP Practitioner weekend workshop coming up in April and our intensive Master Practitioner in May and Trainer’s Trainings in June. Hope to hear how we can help you in 2015!

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