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Neuro-Linguistic Programming gives you the skills and tools to demonstrate more excellence more often. Based in Shanghai, our team of NLP Trainers offer experiences for individuals and teams to enhance performance, improve relationships and upgrade your quality of life.


China NLP was founded to make the finest quality of NLP experience available in China. Whether you are Chinese or have made China your adopted home, and whether you are totally new to NLP or internationally known, we look forward to welcoming you to our events, trainings and sessions.

See us in action at our events

We work hard to bring you the finest experiences in NLP, helping you be at your best. Whether you want to see us our team in action at a short event coming soon, or join us for our world-class certification trainings in NLP, you can find out more information here.

who we are

China NLP is led by experienced NLP Trainer, Daniel Smith. Certified as a Trainer by both Co-Founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Daniel is one of the leading trainers of NLP in Asia.


We regularly hold events in Shanghai and Beijing and look forward to having you with us. Whether it’s a short introduction to NLP, an extended NLP course, intensive NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainers’ Trainings, join us for one of our upcoming events.

Thoughts from a NLPer

Applications and experiences in applying NLP

Personal Development and Personal Evolution and Personal Innovation

Many people want to learn NLP to ‘develop’ themselves. Like maybe you want to enjoy better relationships. Or a more rewarding and fulfilling career. Or get to feel a greater sense of peace and meaning. You might have read a few articles – or even a book or two – about how you can make […]

28 Apr, 2016 Daniel

Dreaming of Excellence? Let’s get started on the road.

So much in life starts with a dream. Your work. Your home. Your relationships. All the technology around you and all the experiences you have ever had: All were once a dream. And if you could imagine yourself ten years down the road, after having chosen to learn more NLP: What has happened? What sort […]

27 Apr, 2016 Daniel

What are they doing that for?

People do the strangest things, don’t they. Have you ever shook your head and asked yourself, “What did they do that for?” Maybe someone cut in front of you while you were waiting for a subway, bank or restaurant. Or maybe they said they had done something when really you knew they hadn’t. Or maybe […]

15 Mar, 2016 Daniel

Presentation from last Saturday night on Emotional Intelligence

The session on developing Emotional Intelligence last Saturday explored how we can improve our interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. It is pretty simple, and focused on what we call, in NLP, call Perceptual Positions, Framing and Calibration. In case you are interested, you can view the presentation here.

14 Mar, 2016 Daniel
Robbie Zhang observing rapport exercises

Last Night’s Session on Rapport

Last night Robbie Zhang led the first session of our new Unit for the NLP Course. It’s been great seeing how quickly the team – on Mondays, that also includes Aaron and Paul – has been developing into skilled facilitators. While places are full for the current Unit, our next intake starts 18 May – […]

15 Apr, 2015 Daniel
Join our first Course for the New Year

It’s a New Year – Make Your Life More Awesome! NLP助你羊年喜气洋洋

We all have challenges. We all have obstacles to overcome. We all have things that have held us back. But what if there was a way to make things better? But what if there was a direct way for you to increase your emotional intelligence? But what if there was an easy and affordable way […]

23 Feb, 2015 Daniel
What a view! We were hiking over New Years

How are you enjoying the start of 2015?

It’s three weeks into the start of the new year. I hope that you’re enjoying it so far! Our New Years period was spent hiking in the mountains with our eldest son. While he’s adventurous, 9km of walking and scrambling across some scary rock faces were a big challenge for him. Yet it gave me a […]

23 Jan, 2015 Daniel

Calibration, Sensory Acuity and Lie Detection

It’s really hard to tell whether someone is lying to you. You might know someone that has a characteristic ‘tell’ – a mannerism that lets you know that they are lying. Or you’ve heard about changes in the amount of eye contact that people make when they lie. Or you’ve been really studying hard to […]

7 Jan, 2015 Daniel

Annoyed to calm with OIC

One of the exercises I use most something we call the “OIC” (short for “Outcome, Intentions, Consequences”). This process looks to understand the intention of what you are doing now. After all, any behaviour has a positive intention, doesn’t it? On Monday night, we were reviewing how to lead someone – a client, direct report […]

19 Sep, 2014 Daniel

Well-formed Outcomes: Smarter than ‘SMART’

New Year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and where we want to go next. Many people will set ‘new years resolutions’. That they will break within weeks. If not days. There are many tips (eg here) on how to get better results. Here I want to focus on how […]

19 Dec, 2013 Daniel

NLP for increasing your Influence Quotient

Last Friday a small group of us were exploring how NLP can be used for influence. While the language patterns of the Meta Model, Milton Model and even Metaphor Model can be easily applied to increase your “Influence Quotient”, we were exploring this topic more comprehensively. The first way that NLP can help increase your […]

19 Mar, 2013 Daniel